ACTX Publishing is looking for authors and artists whose creative offerings inspire and encourage others in three different genres.

  1. enhancing one's personal development
  2. overcoming personal barriers to successful living
  3. sharing personal experiences in an entertaining fashion

Take the time to review our published works below, you will get a sense for the genre of writing we are selectively looking for.


Survive, Thrive or Dive

category: business, psychology

We have some choices to make as business isn't going to get better anytime soon. We need to create a bridge of understanding to motivate our 21st Century workforce. While the factors leading to the economic meltdown of our socio-economic system are varied and the co-dependencies complex, the solution is relatively simple.

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What's Your ROI?

category: management, fiction

Eli has just inherited a collapsing empire and he's barely treading water. As the newly appointed CEO, his responsibility is to chart a successful course through the storms that threaten ten thousand employees, but economics aren't the only threat. The real enemy lies within the hearts and minds of his own people.

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