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Eli has just inherited a collapsing empire and he's barely treading water.

As the newly appointed CEO, his responsibility is to chart a successful course through the storms that threaten ten thousand employees, but economics aren't the only threat. The real enemy lies within the hearts and minds of his own people.

What's Your Roi is a training manual for business executives and employees alike who want to learn how to improve their corporate surroundings. Whether you wish to get everyone in your team to read from the same play book or break out of the "8 to 4 and then no more" mentality that is so prevalent in the workplace, this book will provide you with incisive insight.

Eli's grandfather had told him that there were essentially two types of management styles. Peon-oriented leaders focused on building up profits, or partner-oriented leaders centered on building up people. He had elaborated on the horse-and-carrot illustration, explaining to his grandson that if Eli focused on putting people's needs first, they'd follow him with any new procedure or performance protocol that was required in the ever-changing business world.

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