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The trouble with computer techs, car mechanics, doctors and accountants is that everyone needs their services, but nobody can understand what they're saying.

Unless we've been trained in these fields and are fluent with the terms, definitions and nuances of the language (at which point, we wouldn't need their help) it's pretty hard to apply the lessons of the expert you just hired. The same goes for corporate psychology. Unless one has a couple decades of training under his belt and knows the language (aka: psychobabble), merely picking up a book about the science of psychology will not help you to understand or resolve the complexities of human dynamics.

Until now.

If you want to gain a competitive advantage over your competition, you'll want to find answers as to why things have changed, the influences which caused things to change, and what you'll need to do so you can successfully adapt to these changes.

Survive, Thrive or Dive is the communication bridge everyone is looking for. It provides insight into the psychological and sociological influences that can help you get your workforce motivated, purpose-driven and focused on the goals you need to attain, not merely to survive our current economic turmoil, but to thrive.

Examining the sociological factors leading to the shift in work ethic which has occurred over the past fifty years, Dr. Orieux goes beyond just stating the obvious by identifying the problems; he moves past the what to discover the why, then empowers the reader to understand the psychological and sociological causes responsible for the Millennials having vastly different priorities from that of their Baby Boomer parents.

If your workplace is experiencing intergenerational tension, especially between your senior management and the younger members of the workforce, Survive, Thrive or Dive allows you to dig deep into the psychological soil to expose the roots of these problems, then provides definitive strategies to prepare the groundwork for solutions.

Anyone wanting to thrive personally, professionally or corporately will read this message over and over, then share it with those they want to see succeed.

This may be the only textbook you'll ever read for entertainment as well as education.

About the author

Dr. Orieux delivers thirty years of experience "from the trenches" creating a seamless transition from the classroom to the boardroom. Cognizant that business leaders and managers complain of being tired of buzzwords, platitudes and flavorless clich├ęs, he challenges his audience to redefine the goal of communication to a new standard, whereby we all aim to understand, and to be understood.

Using a plethora of illustrations ranging from non-fiction to fairy tales, from history to the hilarious, Dr. Orieux's teachings encapsulate object lessons about team-building, conflict resolution, communication and customer service. By drawing parallels between ancient Sparta, Florence Nightingale, the Wizard of Oz and even Homer Simpson, his writing is a natural extension of his teaching—poignant, relative, and engaging, laced with timely injections of humor.

About the book

Although Survive, Thrive or Dive is still in the pre-release stage of publication, and thus not yet available in bookstores, you can download 3 free chapters from the books website.

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